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Join The Dig Defence Team

Offer your customers the one-of-a-kind fence solution that is Dig Defence. Pair our superior products with your installation expertise to create a winning combination. Dig Defence is a patented, American-made product that will set you apart in your local market. Take the steps to grow your business and join the Dig Defence team.

Business Opportunities with Dig Defence

Join with Dig Defence and offer professional installation of these products to continue growth of your business. Make Dig Defence available in conjunction with new fencing projects, and promote it as an add-on to existing fence customers.

Our Product Line

Give your customers our entire product line of digging barriers, gate plates, and installation tools. Our products solve a variety of common fence problems: dogs digging out, pests digging in, and destruction of property. Dig Defence solves all of these problems by offering an affordable, humane solution. Easy installation makes Dig Defence: Simple, Safe, and Effective.

Why Dig Defence?

We started this company as a solution to a problem, to protect the family pet. These products humanely keep pets in and pests out, and they are made to last. We believe in our products – Dig Defence helps keep our own pets safely in their yard. And you can be proud that we are American made, keeping jobs here in the USA.

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