Containing Runways For Over A Decade

Increasing safety by extending fence protection underground with Dig Defence Animal Control.


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Dig Defence products are made in the USA of robust 4-gauge galvanized steel rods. The Dig Defence Animal Control (DDAC) commercial grade model is 48″ in length and 15″ in depth with 1 1/2″ spacing and rock solid welds.


Our products solve a variety of common fence problems: dogs digging out, pests digging in, and destruction of property. Dig Defence solves all of these problems by offering an affordable, humane solution.


You can be proud that we are American made, keeping jobs here in the USA. And since our products require no maintenance, they are one of the greenest products available to contain outdoor pets or protect your property.

    Airports And Special Facilities Utilizing DDAC

    Improve the security of the fence you install.

    Give your customers or clients the peace of mind knowing that their perimeter is secure.

    Airport Safety and Security

    Consider Dig Defence Commercial for improving your airport runway fencing, saving money from waste due to downtime.

    Calling All Pest Controllers and Trappers

    Calling All Pest Controllers and Trappers

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      Project Coyote, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Northern California, is a North American coalition of wildlife educators, scientists, ranchers, and community leaders promoting coexistence between people and wildlife, and compassionate conservation through education, science, and advocacy. For more information, visit